Auriga is a 60ft classic steel hulled motor-yacht.



Auriga was built in 1969 in Holland in the Cammenga ship yard. She was designed by the nautical architects De Vries. There were 3 identical boats made, but we don’t know about the whereabouts of the other two. 


This is article about the Cammenga yard


Auriga was commissioned by a two Italians called the Ferrari Brothers, but not apparently the car family! The boat lived in Genoa, Italy. 


Auriga then spent between 1969 and 1998 in the Mediterranean.  Her last owner before she come to the UK was Swiss which is why there is a Swiss flag on the boat, when she was called 'Jennifer'.  (See photo below!)

In 1998 she was bought by an Englishman called David Sherrif (who used to build Nelsons) and brought back from the Med to the Hamble. Auriga was nicknamed ‘Britannia’ when she was on the south coast because of her resemblance to the Royal yacht Britannia. When she has her signal flags up she certainly looks similar!


He sold her on in 2001 to an engineer who kept her in Dartmouth for about 10 years. And then in 2008 she was taken up to Scotland and spent 10 years in Scotland at Adfern Marina, which is where the previous owner Rob Holmes, bought her from.

Auriga is now going to be based in Turkey. She is going back home to the Med. 

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